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If it is pitched roofing you are looking for then we are the roofers in Bristol for the job. With our vast knowledge of the construction of both slate and tile roofs, you can rest assured

Every re-roof needs to have the full involvement of the local Building Regulations. This only applies when more than 25% of the roofs substrate is being removed and renewed. For roofing repairs Bristol.

Our service includes the removal of the old roof covering ie the underlay, laths and old slates or tiles also leaving the job clean and tidy when the project is complete.

• We organise the ordering and delivery of all materials to site, keeping you well informed along the way.
• You will be well advised of the best materials to use, helping to make sure you get the quality job you want.
• At Bristol Roofing Company we strive to use the best slate roofing in Bristol.
• All our pitched roofs are installed using treated laths and timbers throughout the construction of the roof.
• We only use breathable underlay avoiding damp & condensation which is a common problem for roofers in Bristol.
• We only install a breathable dry ridge system - it doesn't use mortar making the roof totally maintenance free.
• We also use a dry verge system which again is maintenance free without the use of mortar.
• Finally when the all of the work is done you will receive a certificate from building regulations to confirm the job is of the highest standard.
• We try and provide you with a maintenance free roofing solution so that you don’t have the inconvenience of regular roof repairs Bristol.

Some of Slate roofing Work

Below are some facts and information about slate and tile materials.

About Slate
Slate is a great roofing material which has been used on roofs for many centuries. Welsh slate is known as the best slate money can buy with a minimum life expectancy of 75 years. In many cases Welsh slate can be reused even after reaching its expected life of 75 years. Unfortunately Welsh slate is an expensive material often used on stately homes and royal residents, it has even been used at number 10 Downing Street.

Not to worry there are many other manufacturers of slate for roofing purposes. Many people opt for Spanish or Chinese slate which come at a far cheaper price and also have long life expectancies of between 60 and 75 years.

About Tiling
Clay tiles have excellent environmental credentials and can achieve an A+ rating in the building research establishments (BRE) Green guide to specification. Coupled with the fact that clay is a natural material and has a very long life compared to many of its counterparts, making clay a clear choice for any roofing project.

Cement tiles are a more cost effective alternative to clay or slate and is available in a range of colours, profiles, shapes and sizes. Because of its lower cost to slate and clay, concrete has become a clear favourite for many of our clients.

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  • Storm Damage
    We offer fast and effective roofing repairs Bristol should your roof become damaged in a storm. We’ll come to your location directly following your call, and our skilled team will set about performing roof repairs

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    Commercial Work
    Our experience in the Bristol roofing industry has seen us complete minor and major roofing projects. Our portfolio of work is extensive, and this means any roof can be expertly surveyed and restored with repairs, or we can build an entire new roof.

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