Our specialist teams have extensive experience and expertise in flat roofing replacement and maintenance. Flat or low pitched roofs generally have a limited life span. They are known for springing leaks and suffering from wear and tear over time.  Depending on the severity of the damage various repair or replacement options are available, again your tailor made quotation can be based around your budgeting requirements.

Felt Roofing

Bitumen-based Felt Roofing has been used for flat roofing for many a year and it has worked well. The feature benefit of felt flat roofing is the cheaper cost as felt roofing has the lowest cost when it comes to installation or repair

GRP Flat roofing

Fibre Glass Roofing is now used on thousands of residential and commercial buildings across the country. GRP Flat roofing has multiple benefits, it’s application process ensures that your roof is entirely sealed with no joints, which stops even the smallest drop of water from making its way through. All of these combined factors provide you with a long lasting, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for your flat roof requirements.